Today on Election Day

By Catherine Stier
Illustrated by David Leonard

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Today on Election Day, a book for third graders gives information about what happens on election day. It’s a very exciting time for Bailey and her classmates as they explain what goes on at their school and homes for the elections.  During election time, Bailey’s school is being used as a polling location for the national and local elections. Readers will learn what goes on during the election time and how elections are used to determine who will be the next President, the next Senator, or even just the city mayor.

The right to vote for women and African Americans is touched on. Learning how to research the different candidates by reading, watching debates and talking with others, teaches the students the seriousness of their duty to the U.S. In Today on Election Day, a student goes with his grandfather to vote. In this venture out, the student gets to see the actual voting booth, learning both how it works and what other ways people use to cast their ballots.

During this election year, third-grade readers will particuliarly enjoy learning what is going on in their country. Though the Lexile is slightly above third grade reading levels, this book would be a great read aloud for the teacher explaining the election process in the classroom, or a great stretch-text for good readers. Students will easily identify with the characters and learn a lot about election day in this fascinating book.

  • Election DayTitle: Today on Election Day
  • Author: Catherine Stier
  • Illustrator: David Leonard
  • Publisher: Albert Whitman & Company, 2012
  • Reviewer Couture
  • Hardcover: 31 pages
  • ISBN: 978-08075-8008-0
  • Genre: nonfiction, social studies
  • Lexile: 900

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