The Royal Treasure Measure

Written by Trudy Harris
Illustrated by Ivica Stevanovic

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King Balbazar’s kingdom has made a mess of measuring. Curtains are too long, robes are too short, and no one knows how to solve the problem. So King Balbazar decides to hold a contest to create the official unit of measurement for the kingdom. The question is, who will measure up to the task?

The books includes narrative as well as dialogue. The narrative is written in four sentence poetry style with rhyming which will engage young children. Readers will enjoy this quirky story and find it very funny that the people in the kingdom use everything from sausages to spoons as a way to measure things. The Royal Treasure Measure is perfect for a read aloud with young children, especially when learning about poetry. This book contains easy-to-understand rhyming sentences.

Children at the third grade reading level will find the book fun to read. The Royal Treasure Measure will re-enforce reading level skills as well as comprehension skills. Readers will want to read this story because it has the elements of a fairy tale, but it is also clever and funny.

For children at the third grade reading level, this book can be used in talking about math and how we measure objects. It can also be used in a language arts class when learning poetry. This book is so versatile, it can also be used to discuss different writing styles.

A fun activity to go along with this book is a game where children can get creative with different ways to measure the same thing. For instance, the teacher can point to a table and ask the students to measure the length of the table using pencils, paper clips, strings or other materials.

This book is a nice addition to any classroom, school library or reading list.

  • Royal Treasure MeasureTitle: The Royal Treasure Measure
  • Author: Trudy Harris
  • Illustrator: Ivica Stevanovic
  • Publisher: Millbrook Press
  • Reviewer: Alessandra Oliveira
  • Hardcover: 32 pages
  • ISBN: 978-0-7613-6806-9
  • Genre: Fantasy

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