Infinity Ring: A Mutiny In Time

Written by James Dashner

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Oh what a swashbuckling tale of time travel, adventure and mutiny on the high seas.A smidgen of danger is thrown in: storms and volcanic eruptions, increasing crime, and earthquakes, and all of it because of the things that went wrong in the past. Time itself has gone wrong. The only way to set things right, then, is to travel to the past to correct those mistakes.

“What mistakes?”, the reader may ask. And the author tells us. This is the first book in a seven-book series and James Dashner creates the scaffolding on which this story, and all subsequent stories, will hang. He digs a deep foundation, taking us back to Aristotle’s time. Events back then took a turn they should not have when Alexander is assassinated. This leads to Aristotle seeing this as a mistake, a tear in the fabric of reality, and plans to make it right. He creates a secret society called the Hystorians, whose job is to track and document the Great Breaks through the ages, in the hope that someday time travel will enable the Hystorians to return to the past and mend the tears in the fabric.

Dak and Sera are regular fifth graders with rather unusual interests. Dak is a history nerd. Sera, a science geek, is very much at home at a three hour presentation called “The Effect of Tachyon Generation on Ambient Wellsian Radiation”. Riq, Hystorian-in-training, is a super linguist. A little bit of history, a little time travel, and the necessity of being able to communicate well–the three characters fulfill the author’s purpose well.

Dak’s parents invent the Infinity Ring — the ultimate time travel machine — but haven’t quite got it working yet. Sera solves the last few problems with the Ring and the story takes off! A completely different take on the time travel adventure, here the characters actually change the past in order to repair the future.

Scholastic has presented it as a multi-platform experience: book, app. and online game, making it a treasure for second and third grade readers, while enhancing their reading skills.

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  • Infinity RingTitle: Infinity Ring: A Mutiny In Time
  • Author: James Dashner
  • Publisher: Scholastic
  • Reviewer: Anjali Amit
  • Hardback: 190 pages
  • ISBN: 978-0-545-38696-8
  • Genre: Fiction/History

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