Easy Desserts From Around The World

Written by Heather Alexander

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Easy Desserts from Around the World is a super fun cookbook aimed at third grade readers and up. What is unique about this cookbook is the assortment of recipes collected from around the world. Through this cookbook kids are exposed to eleven different desserts, such as Russian Strawberries Romanoff and Mexican Celebration Cookies to German Lebkuchen and Italian Lemon Granita to name just a few. Yum!

Each recipe features a photo of the dessert along with a picture of the country from where the dessert originates, as well as colorfully presented fun to know information relevant to the country and/or dessert. Kids will not only be motivated to make something sweet to eat, they will also experience another culture first-hand and see the world a little differently because of it.

None of the recipes are complicated and with little supervision children as young as third grade will masterfully execute each recipe from the clear guidance the author, Heather Alexander, provides. She also includes useful information to first-time cooks to ensure their cooking experience is a safe and productive one. There is a short section on safety, tips and tricks, cooking terms and tools, nutrition, measurement conversions, as well as an easy to use index. For readers hooked on cooking, Alexander shares a reading list of books and three websites to explore.

Easy Desserts from Around the World is a new title in the Easy Cookbooks for Kids series and joins other titles such as: Easy Breakfasts from Around the World, Easy Main Dishes from Around the World, Easy Snacks from Around the World, and Easy Vegetarian Foods from Around the World.

So what are you waiting for? To quote the author, “tie on an apron and get ready to cook easy desserts from around the world!”

  • Easy DessertsTitle: Easy Desserts From Around The World
  • Author: Heather Alexander
  • Publisher: Enslow Publishers
  • Reviewer: Annemarie O’Brien
  • Paperback: 48 pages
  • ISBN: 978-1-59845-270-9
  • Genre: cookbooks, series

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