Discover Persian Cats

Written by Trudy Micco

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Discover Persian Cats by Trudy Micco is a fun and informative early reader book for third grade reading level and up aimed at readers interested in learning how to care for a Persian cat and/or determining whether a Persian cat is a right family fit. It is also the kind of book I wish had existed when I was a kid trying to figure out what kind of cat to welcome into our family.

The text and photo layout complement each other very well and are displayed in a simple, uncluttered manner. Third grade readers and up will be able to glean facts and tips without feeling overwhelmed with too much information. Because of this, coupled with the fact that there are colorful photos on nearly every page, as well as a glossary of words to know, I would even argue that younger readers would enjoy reading Discover Persian Cats, especially if they are huge fans of cats or animals and willing to tackle some more difficult vocabulary due to the interest in subject matter.

In addition to a Note to Parents section, the content covered in Discover Persian Cats includes: Is a Persian cat right for you, Cat or a kitten, Loving your Persian cat, Exercise, Feeding your Persian cat, Grooming, What you should know, Good friend, Bibliography, and an index.

Discover Persian Cats is a new title in the Discover Cats Series with the Cat Fanciers’ Association and joins other fun titles such as: Discover Abyssinian Cats, Discover Maine Coon Cats, and Discover Mixed-Breed Cats.

  • Persian CatsTitle: Discover Persian Cats
  • Author: Trudy Micco
  • Publisher: Enslow Elementary of Enslow Publishers, Inc.
  • Reviewer: Annemarie O’Brien
  • Paperback: 24 pages
  • ISBN: 978-1-4644-0114-5
  • Genre: Nonfiction, animal, cats, biography, series
  • Lexile Score: 740

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