Being Frank

By Donna W. Earnhardt
Illustrated by Andrea Castellani

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Frank, like many children, has been told that “honesty is the best policy”, so he tells the truth at all times, even in situations where honesty is clearly not appreciated. One such time his mother was pulled over by a policeman. Frank confessed to them that his mother knew how fast she was going because he had just told her. There was also the time that he told his teacher, Ms. Zaroma, that her breath smelled funny. That outburst got him sent to the principal’s office.

In time, Frank learns that being overly “frank” with his comments tends to annoy his family and friends, which makes Frank unhappy. He decides to visit his Grandpa Ernest, who has a history of frankness himself. With his grandfather’s wisdom, Frank then realizes that the truth is best when it is presented in a more positive manner and is approached more delicately.

Third graders will appreciate the honesty of Frank regarding situations he finds himself in and will chuckle at the responses and illustrations. The story is a great read aloud for children who often don’t understand that there are tactful ways to approach and make comments to others without hurting someone’s feelings.

  • Being FrankTitle: Being Frank
  • Author: Donna W. Earnhardt
  • Illustrator: Andrea Castellani
  • Publisher: Flashlight Press
  • Reviewer: Rebecca L. Wagner
  • Hardcover: 31 pages
  • ISBN: 978-1-9362611-9-2
  • Genre: Fiction, Character Education

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  1. I really liked this book📘. But I want to read it again online.

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