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Infinity and Me

Written by Kate Hosford
Illustrated by Gabi Swiatkowska

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Infinity is a big subject to tackle in a picture book. In the author’s note, she points out that as soon as kids learn what infinity is, they use it all the time. So a picture book seemed like a logical way to explore some of the ideas kids have about infinity. Uma, the young narrator, begins her musing about infinity after she sees the starry night. Certainly there seems to be an infinite number of stars and it makes her feel very small. She asks her friends about infinity. Charlie says it is a number that goes on forever. Samantha said the infinity symbol on its side is like a racetrack she can drive on forever. Everyone uses the word ‘forever’ and that becomes difficult for Uma to deal with. Then Grandma snuggles with Uma under the stars and her love stretches to infinity.
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The Knight, the Princess, and the Rock: A Classic Persian Tale

Written by Sara Azizi

Illustrated by Alireza Sadeghian

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As an ancient civilization with a rich heritage of storytelling, Persia is a wonderful place to find material for children’s books. This beautiful little tale proves it. The story itself is certainly simple enough for third graders to understand and embrace. This may be a candidate to read aloud in a classroom, though. The concepts of kings, knights, and magic may need a little discussion.

When a knight is sent on a mission to rid farmlands of destructive wild boars, he finds himself in enemy territory. This does not prevent him from falling in love with the princess of the land he’s in. The enemy king discovers the knight’s presence and imprisons him in a deep hole covered by a magic rock. The princess is also banished. She is able to keep the knight alive with food passed through a hole. Finally, help arrives from the knight’s home. Through love and prayer, the help frees the knight. The knight and princess return to his home, where they are married and live a happy life.
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