American Girl: Quick Change (Innerstar University)

Written by Erin Falligant

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American Girl has a new series called Innerstar University. These stories are designed to give girls confidence in themselves and in the decisions they make. Each chapter begins and then the reader chooses which page to go to depending on their likes or decisions for different pathways and different endings.

Third and fourth grade readers will enjoy these challenging stories. The reading level is specific to the grade level, but the comprehension is somewhat above the below average reader. It takes some understanding to follow to the pages with the different endings. Teachers should be aware that reluctant readers or those reading below the third grade level may have difficulty following the plot until they gain confidence in their reading ability.

Teachers will find that girls will enjoy the books more than boys, making teachers on the lookout for a series of books for boys with the same skill levels for classroom libraries. The American Girl series for girls is designed to offer activity ideas for girls and they choose the endings to the stories depending on the hobby or interest each reader has. The endings can be quite different making this one book a possible of 20 stories with 20 different endings.

This book makes a great addition for the classroom encouraging third grade readers to read for the pure joy of picking up a book.

  • Quick ChangeTitle: American Girl: Quick Change
  • Author: Erin Falligant
  • Illustrator: Arcana Studios
  • Publisher: American Girl
  • ISBN: 978-1-60958-090-2
  • Reviewer: Terri Forehand
  • Lexile: 610

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