Mallory and Mary Ann Take New York

Written by Laurie Friedman
Illustrated by Jennifer Kalis

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Mallory and Mary Ann Take New York is a fun chapter book for 3rd grade level readers. It appeals to girls and gives an exciting story about fashion, designing, and fun places to visit in New York. It also combines a problem for two best friends. Mallory wins a contest and that includes being on a favorite television show and she has promised her best friend she will be on too. How will the girls pull off this promise when only one girl has been invited to model the winning outfit on television?

The suspense of how the two girls make this happen is the crux of this 3rd grade level book and it keeps readers turning the page. The characters are well developed making them lovable and offering the 3rd grade reader new friends on the page. The material is challenging, but easy to comprehend, making the 3rd grade level reader enjoy independent reading success when reading the book alone.

While the book offers excellent language and comprehension for the 3rd grade reader, most boys will shy away from the book because the main protagonist is a female. There may be boy characters that show up on the page from time to time, but most 3rd grade level boys will not find enough action or interest to keep reading this book, making it a less than stellar choice for mix gender reading group work.

Third grade girls however, will love the book and the rest of the books in the series about Mallory and Mary Ann. The books give 3rd grade readers excellent examples of friendship, honesty, and critical thinking. The entire series are wonderful additions for the classroom because the interest level will encourage girls to read the next book in the series helping them to master their reading skill.

  • MalloryTitle: Mallory and Mary Ann Take New York
  • Author: Laurie Friedman
  • Illustrator: Jennifer Kalis
  • Publisher: Lerner Publishing Company
  • Reviewer: Terri Forehand
  • Hardcover: pages 155
  • Genre: Chapter Book, Juvenile fiction

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