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Grandfather’s Wrinkles

Written by Kathryn England

Illustrated by Richard McFarland

A Bank Street Best Children’s Book for 2008 for Outstanding Merit

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A heartwarming book filled with family love. Lucy calls her grandfather’s face “crinkly.” Granddad laughs and tells Lucy that those wrinkles come from smiling many times. Lucy asks for specifics and Granddad remembers a special smile to go with each wrinkle: one when he married Grandma, one when Lucy’s Mommy was born, one when funny things happened to Mommy, one when Mommy married Daddy, and, of course, two big ones on either side of his mouth when Lucy was born. » Read more

My Even Day

By Doris Fisher and Dani Sneed
Illustrated by Karen Lee

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When the unnamed narrator wakes up to see a Mom with two heads, he realizes this is no ordinary day. Wackiness highlights the fact that in order to have an even number of things, there could be some extras around. There are two tour guides on their field trip to the zoo instead of one. The trip abounds with other oddities like elephants with four trunks, lions with six wings and alligators with antlers sporting eight golden rings. As the sights become more outlandish, the boy can only hope that the next day will be normal. Alas, the day must be fraction day: one half of his hair is normal, the other half shaved.
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