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Puffling Patrol

Written and illustrated by Ted and Betsy Lewin

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Every April, the Westman Islands off the coast of Iceland become home to hundreds of thousands of puffins, making the islands one of the largest puffin colonies in the world.Adult puffins return to the island every year to lay eggs. By August, the young birds, called pufflings, are ready to leave home and fly off to sea. However, some of the birds become confused when they see the lights of nearby towns and flutter down into the streets instead of flying into the waves. Groups of children and adults, called The Puffling Patrol, roam the streets every night looking for lost birds and bringing them back to the beach so they can make it out to sea.
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In Black Bear Country

Written by Shaunda Kennedy Wenger

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“…my palms felt sweaty, my legs felt jittery, and my stomach felt queasy. I was nervous. This wasn’t a typical fall hike. We were going to ‘black bear country,’ a forest grove where black bear feed.” Once third grade readers hear this opening to Shaunda Kennedy Wenger’s book, In Black Bear Country, they will be eager for more.
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Writtten and illustrated by Gail Gibbons

Outstanding Science Trade Book 2013 from National Science Teacher’s Association and Children’s Book Council (click here for more info)

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In her book Ladybugs, prolific author Gail Gibbons has crafted yet another solidly informative book for young readers. As in her other non-fiction books, Gibbons captures the interest of children reading at the third grade level by providing basic information young readers seek.
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A Warm Winter Tail

Written by Carrie A. Pearson

Illustrated by Christina Wald

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Have you ever wondered how animals stay warm in winter? Have you ever wonder if they had that same question about us? A Warm Winter Tail, by Carrie A. Pearson, is a delightful story about the winter adaptation strategies of animals written with a fun little twist. Each page begins with the same question, “How do humans keep warm in winter, Mama?” asked by a sweet little creature who’s nestled with its family for winter. Each time Mama gives a little explanation, as if she really understood human behavior.
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Mystery Math: A First Book of Algebra

Written by David A. Adler
Illustrated by Edward Miller

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Halloween is spooky-scary and so is math. David Adler puts them both together, using the imagery of Halloween, which is not really scary after all, to show that once you understand the principles of mathematics, it is not really scary either.

What a fun idea! Skeletons peek from cupboards, and oh my gosh you have to count them! Imagine dividing skeletons, adding bats, subtracting ravens; activities right up the alley for third grade readers. Yay! Yay! Bring them on, we will add, subtract, multiply and divide these spooky creatures.
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Astro the Steller Sea Lion

By Jeanne Walker Harvey

Illustrated by Shennen Bersani

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What do you do with a sea lion who refuses to live in the wild? That’s the problem facing scientists at the Marine Mammal Center in California after they rescue an orphaned Steller sea lion. Without their help, the sea lion, whom they named Astro, would not have survived. But after he was full-grown and released into the wild, Astro kept coming back. He was so bonded to humans that he could not live in the wild.
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Ben Franklin His Wit And Wisdom From A – Z

By Alan Schroeder

Illustrated by  John O’Brien

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If you are contemplating reading this book or have it in hand, it tells two things about you. You are a reader, and you want to learn about Ben Franklin. It does not matter that you are a third grade reader or an adult. The strength of the book lies in the fact that all ages will enjoy it.

The illustrations add such verve to the text. “Never leave till tomorrow what you can do today” is one of Ben Franklin’s aphorisms. Well, guess what? Even an animal takes it to mind. Multi-tasking farmer, multi-tasking horse chomping on an apple TODAY.
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About Habitats – Oceans

By Cathryn Sill
Illustrated by John Sill

Outstanding Science Trade Book 2013 By the National Science Teacher’s Association and the Children’s Book Council (click for info)

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About Habitats—Oceans provides a good introduction to the world beneath the surface of the salty water that covers more than two thirds of our planet.
In spare text that presents basic facts about animals, plants, geological features, and the ecology of the ocean, the author provides the sort of basic information young children are often interested in. Throughout the book, information is presented as straightforward facts, not as a narrative. The language is simple and quiet, leaving room for questions from children or discussion questions from the adult reading the book to them. As such, the book would be a good read-aloud book, and would work well as a starting point for further ocean-related investigation or activities.
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Nature’s Patchwork Quilt: Understanding Habitats

By Mary Miché
Illustrated by Consie Powell

Outstanding Science Trade Book 2013 from the National Science Teacher’s Association and the Children’s Book Council (click for more info)

Finalist for the 2013 Foreward Magazine Book of the Year

2013 Children’s Literary Classics Seal of Approval

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In the book Nature’s Patchwork Quilt: Understanding Habitats, readers learn that nature, “…has many different habitats all pieced together to create our wonderful planet.” By extending the quilt analogy through the entire book, author Mary Miché and illustrator Consie Powell provide a solid introduction to the world’s habitats.
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