Mooshka: A Quilt Story

Written and Illustrated by Julie Paschkis

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It is rare that a picture book is so well written and carries with it several layers of meaning, but Mooshka: A Quilt Story is a real gem!  It is a beautiful picture book that is not only about the life stories that can be found in the old scraps of a family quilt, but also of the love-hate relationship of a sibling for a new baby brother or sister.

The text is excellent for third grade level readers and the beautiful pictures enhance the story and the level of comprehension the reader obtains after reading the story over again. The deeper meaning behind the descriptions of some of the fabrics in the quilt grandma made helps adults to stay engaged as they share the story with their child. Memories will be sure to come back and act as a spring board for family conversations and sharing with the third grader in the family, as well as siblings.

Teachers may appreciate this picture book for the classroom when discussing family relationships with third grade students. The book could also serve as an adjunct to an art lesson giving an excellent example of how fabric, quilting, and storytelling can all be woven into what makes a family.

The story appeals to both boys and girls because of the sibling theme and the universal feelings of this age group when accepting a new baby into the family. Mooshka entertains and sparks the imagination of the reader which is always a positive thing when encouraging third grade students to expand their reading skills and to learn to enjoy a good story. Parents and teachers can enjoy the story in several ways with the third grade student, yet the book is challenging and interesting enough for the third grader to enjoy success in reading the story alone.

The talent of the author as the illustrator is a fact that can lead to classroom discussions about careers. It would even lend itself to an extra activity for third grade students who might want to try their hand at writing and illustrating their own family story.

  • Title: Mooshka: A Quilt Story
  • Author: Julie Paschkis
  • Illustrations: Julie Paschkis
  • Publisher: Peachtree
  • Reviewer: Terri Forehand
  • Genre: Fiction
  • Hardback: 32 pages
  • ISBN: 978-1-56145-620-8

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