In the Land of Twilight

Written by Astrid Lindgren

Illustrated by Marit Tornqvist

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In the Land of Twilight, author Astrid Lindgren takes the third grade reader on a magical adventure similar to Peter Pan.Young Goran is a sad little boy who has a bad leg. He over hears his mother and father discussing the possibility that he may never walk which makes him sad. The story poses realistic questions that a third grader would have including “Will I ever walk”, or “Will I ever be able to fish?”

At twilight a magical thing happens. Mr. Lilyvale appears at the bedroom window and promises to take Goran to the Land of Twilight where his bad leg no longer matters. During their time in the Land of Twilight, Goran is able to do the things he loves to do, walking, fishing, driving a bus and all is right with his world at twilight.

While the concepts of the story may be slightly complex for some third grade readers, the beautiful illustrations offer to enhance and increase the comprehension for the reader. If the book is read as a bedtime story by parents, it offers a spring board for discussions about what the heavens hold in real life.

The author parallels the biblical concepts of a king and the perfect eternal life without pain in the descriptions of the land of twilight, where ailments and pain really do not matter and where little boys with a bad leg can run and play.

Third grade readers who read this fairy tale alone will enjoy both the magic and the imagination of the land of twilight. It is slightly mysterious with a sense of adventure that will keep a third grade level reader turning the pages. The plot is timeless, originating from the 1949 era, yet children today will continue to appreciate this good story.

  • Land of TwilightTitle: In the Land of Twilight
  • Author: Astrid Lindgren
  • Illustrated by: Marit Tornqvist
  • Publisher: Floris Books – Sweden
  • Reviewer: Terri Forehand
  • Hardcover: 40 pages
  • ISBN: 978-086315-866-5
  • Genre: Fiction

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