My Favorite Bible: The Best Loved Stories of the Bible

Written by Rondi DeBoer and Christine Tangvald

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My Favorite Bible: The Best Loved Stories of the Bible just might be this moms favorite bible for kids!In our home we have more than a few chunky kids’ bibles on the shelves. After twenty years of raising children, one tends to gather quite a collection and many have been sent packing because they didn’t quite make the grade. My Favorite Bible is certainly a keeper because this chunky kid’s bible is different than any other I’ve laid hands on.

Author’s Rondi DeBoer and Christine Tangvald have done a superb job bringing bible stories to life. They’ve included most of the main Old Testament stories and just as many New Testament stories, which isn’t always common among children’s bibles. Each story is written in an easy to understand way and uses the God’s Word Translation, giving it extra readability. It’s written at about a third grade reading level, but would also make an outstanding read aloud for younger children.

Young readers will be pleased to find each story is spread out over many pages. Unlike other chunky bibles that have only two or three pages of pictures, My Favorite Bible is chalk full of eye catching illustrations. I was delighted when I first opened this book to see what illustrator Ariel Pang has contributed. She’s basically thoroughly told the story in picture; some full pages and others half page with appealing, chunky, little characters. Another aspect I really enjoy is that the authors have used typeface as part of the artwork. Words at times seem to “Pop!”, “Spin…”, or “WHOOOOOOSH!” off the page. Words of God are often in larger, bold font. My Favorite Bible is eye pleasing and enjoyable to read.

My Favorite Bible has gone far beyond storytelling and included pages called “Family Talk” and “Family Fun” for each bible story. Family Talk pages are family devotionals based around a key verse that relates the biblical truth to a child’s modern life, appropriate for elementary age children. Family Fun usually has three different hands-on ideas to reinforce biblical truth and to help children remember the story. They are simple, but fun ideas, that are sure to draw you closer as a family! For example, after the story of Lazarus, the Family Fun page suggests making a Family Friendship Chain so you remember each friend. Another suggestion was to draw a picture or write a note to a friend or family member and tell them how important they are to you. At the beginning of the book, they encourage kids to keep a Bible Story Binder with pictures of all the artwork they make while using My Favorite Bible.

While My Favorite Bible has loads of “bells and whistles” that are especially appealing, what I like most about it is its heart. The authors have not shied away from the difficult truths of some bible stories or from stories that might be hard for children to understand. While telling the story of Noah’s Ark, they tenderly explained that the flooding of the world was a tragic event brought about by sin, yet an inspiring story of promise. The Old Testament is rounded out with a story about the prophets and how they all pointed to the Promised One, while the New Testament is completed with Revelation’s gorgeous glimpse of heaven. While not a complete bible, it is obvious the authors have thoughtfully chosen stories that will lead children to a relationship with Jesus Christ. Each story seems to go one step further than just telling the facts of the story. They are written with love and feeling. I can’t wait to share this Bible with family and other parents!

  • My Favorite BibleTitle: My Favorite Bible: The Best Loved Stories of the Bible
  • Author: Rondi DeBoer and Christine Tangvald
  • Illustrator: Ariel Pang
  • Publisher: Revell (Baker Publishing)
  • Reviewer: Pamela Wagner
  • Hardcover: 376 pgs
  • Genre: Contemporary, Christian

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