Mallory McDonald: Super Snoop

Written by Laurie Friedman
Illustrated by Jennifer Kalis

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What do you get when a ten-year-old girl’s brother has an official girlfriend and the sister wants to know what the couple is doing?Lots of trouble. That’s what. In this eighteenth installment from the “Mallory McDonald” series, Mallory and brother Max are at home with babysitter Crystal while their parents are out of town. Max and his girlfriend are working diligently on a secret science project, and Mallory is not convinced they are really working on the project. Mallory goes to extreme lengths to discover the truth, asking everyone she knows, including her cat, for advice. She talks to her best friend, to Crystal, to other friends, and even sends an email to an internet advice columnist. They all tell her to leave her brother alone, but she doesn’t like this advice. She finally witnesses an innocent kiss by hiding in a closet. Not satisfied with her knowledge, she embellishes the event to the point of embarrassment for all involved. Needless to say, she pays dearly for her lies. Her friends are appalled, and everyone else is very angry. Mallory has to figure out a way to start the healing.

Solidly at third grade reading level, this is a quick read with appropriate themes. Third graders should identify with Mallory’s curiosity, the feeling of being left out, and frustration. Reading activities are suggested by the author and are recommended. With supervision, the Double Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe should make kids identify with Mallory. She also includes several games to try with friends.

The illustrations are wonderful additions, helping the reader understand what’s happening and enhancing the humor.

  • Mallory McDonaldTitle: Mallory McDonald, Super Snoop
  • Author: Laurie Friedman
  • Illustrator: Jennifer Kalis
  • Publisher: Darby Creek/Lerner Publishing Group
  • Reviewer: Sue Poduska
  • Hardcover: 152 pages
  • ISBN: 978-0-7613-6073-5
  • Genre: Contemporary mystery, Interpersonal Relations

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