Going Home: The Mystery of Animal Migration

Written by Marianne Berkes
Illustrated by Jennifer DiRubbio

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Stories surface from time to time about pets traveling hundreds or even thousands of miles to find their way back home. Even humans have an uncanny ability to find their way home. But what if you had more than one home? Your home could even be someplace you’d never seen before.

Going Home is told in pleasing rhyme. Readers may want to read aloud each page to get the full effect. This is listed as “A Share Nature With Children Book.” Berkes includes information about animals from loggerhead turtles to monarch butterflies to manatees. Other animals discussed are ruby-throated hummingbirds, Pacific salmon, Canada geese, California gray whales, caribou, the Arctic tern, and emperor penguins.

After the main picture book style section, many informational sections follow. A world map with migration routes tells much of the story. “The Mystery of Migration” section asks the reader to imagine being on the journeys with the animals. “How to Learn More about the Animals” lists many books, websites, and movies to provide further information. “About the Migrating Animals” highlights each animal again. Reading activities are suggested by the author under the “Tips from the Author” section. She suggests making maps and charts, making bookmarks, and writing stories. DiRubbio’s realistic artwork helps third graders get to know the animals mentioned. For example, the monarch butterflies gathered on trees makes a striking picture. The whale calf sticking close to its mother is something kids can relate to. Penguins diving and gathering on the ice may remind the reader of March of the Penguins.

  • Going HomeTitle: Going Home: The Mystery of Animal Migration
  • Author: Marianne Berkes
  • Illustrated by: Jennifer DiRubbio
  • Publisher: Dawn Publications, 2010
  • Reviewer: Sue Poduska
  • Paperback, 32 pages
  • ISBN: 978-1-58469-1273
  • Genre: Animals

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